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Our work is spread anywhere from large cities and small towns across the country. Our clients we work with, both large and small, get the exact same perfection that we strive for as a family owned company. We believe that every business deserves the best first impression possible with their signs and we are proud to make that happen time and time again. 


"Huge thank you to Finishing Touch Sign Company for the BEAUTIFUL work on our signs! Thank you for the exceptional experience ... beautiful design, small town hospitality, efficient turnaround, impeccable work ... perfection!!!!"

Ashley - Organique Clinic


“The sign is receiving rave reviews so far. It looked great last night when I left, it was all lit up ... Great doing business with you."

Paul, Conservation Program Manager

"New beautiful sign!! Thanks to the professional and very nice guys at Finishing Touch!!!" 

Aimee Glaser- Glaser Dental


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